Giordano - Case Study

Describe and evaluate Giordano current positioning strategy. Should Giordano reposition itself against its competitors in its current and new markets, and should it have different positioning strategies for different geographic markets?
Giordano’s current position strategy are for those male and female because they are creating designs for unisex, for all ages and for price conscious who wants to have a value for what they are paying. Giordano should make different positioning strategy for different geographic markets because every market has its own characteristics and they have different upbringing and behavior of buying but it would be good if the company would focus to their market for more convenience and profitable. If the company would focus to one market, they could have lesser cost incurred and service style will be focus to what the target market is looking forward to.

What are Giordano’s key success factors (KSF) and sources of competitive advantage? Are its competitive advantage sustainable and how would they develop in the future?
The company is establishing a good key success factors. They serve their clients with good quality service and having other company as a reference for bench mark. The company emphasizes the service and the value-for-money which has a big impact to the company source of success. When they are sell their products, they are selling service which is half the price and the other half goes to the production cost. They are not only for goods but they also sell services. This key success factors would develop in certain training and more research about the service and the products the target market wants to have. Innovation of product and/or service is a must for a company to develop and gain profit in a long period of time.

Could Giordano transfer its key success factors to new market as its expanded both in Asia and the other parts of the world?
Yes. Giordano can transfer of KSF to new market because every country has its own buying behavior and different style service wanted. The company needs to adapt every culture and tradition of every country.

How do you think Giordano had/would have to adapt its marketing and operations strategies and tactics when entering and penetrating your country?
The company, before entering into a other culture, they should have research on what are the positive and negative side of the selling in a certain place. Giordano should also develop a good research regarding the buying behavior because every country has its own buying behavior. They have to adapt to whatever the behavior of a people in a country in terms of marketing and tactics and the service pattern.